8.0 Multi-Selecting List Items

There are several different options available using the keyboard, mouse, or a combination of the two to multi-select items in GW Web lists, to include items in Contacts and Mailbox folders. The toolbar presents different options for selected items depending on the type of folder in view. Several more options are available in the right-click menus for Mailbox folders. Right-click context menus for Contacts are not currently supported.

Right-click menu and toolbar options only support common actions that you can take on multi-selected items. For example, if you select multiple Mailbox items, you can execute the Mark Unread option for the selected items; however, you can only Reply or Reply To All for one message at a time. Also, some of the selection options shown below may not be supported in all lists.

Since actions you can take on selected items from the context menu or toolbar are covered in other sections of this guide, only the multi-select behavior is provided here.

Mouse and/or mouse and keyboard supported behavior:

  • Left-click: Start a new selection list or remove all but the selected item from the selection list.

  • Left-click + Ctrl key: Add or remove an item to or from the selection list, respectively.

  • Left-click + Shift key: Add or remove a whole block of items to or from the selection list from top to bottom of selected items, respectively, or vice versa.

Keyboard supported behavior:

  • Home or End: Change the selected item to the one at the top or bottom of the scrollable list, respectively.

  • Arrow up or Arrow down: Change the selected item to the next in the list (up or down).

  • Arrow up or Arrow down + Shift: Add or remove an item to or from the selected list.

  • Arrow up or Arrow down + Ctrl: Set the next entry, up or down, as the focus item. If you want to select or unselect an item in focus, press the Space bar. This feature is particularly useful for accessibility.

  • Shift + Home or End: Select items in bulk to the top or bottom of the scrollable list, respectively, starting with the selected item.

  • Shift + Page up or Page down: Select items in bulk to the top or bottom of the page in view, respectively, starting with the selected item.

  • Ctrl + A key: Select all items in the current scrollable list.

    If there are more than a 100 items in the folder in view and you want to select them all, continue scrolling to the bottom of the list until all desired items are loaded and then press Ctrl + A again.

  • Space bar: Select or unselect the current item in focus.

NOTE:For keyboard options using Shift + End and Ctrl + A keys it is useful to understand that the default list size is 100 items, assuming there are that many items in the Mailbox or Contacts folder you are viewing. Anytime you move the scrollbar to the end of the list, it will expand to the next 100 items if applicable.

Filter supported behavior:

  • Filtered items: If you already have multiple items selected in the list, you can search for and select items using the list Filter and Left-click + Ctrl key and they will be added to the selection list. To return to the previous list in view, delete the Filter entry (X). You can continue to add to the selection list in aggregate using the Filter in this manner.