14.0 Replying to Items

NOTE:When replying to an item, the item’s compose view (plain-text or HTML) is used for the reply.

  • One-line Quick Replies: To send a one-line quick reply to all:

    1. In the Preview Pane, click Reply to all.

    2. Write your reply using the available HTML formatting as needed.

    3. Click Send.

      The sent status of the message displays left of the Send button:

      • Sending while the message is being processed

      • Sent when the process completes

  • Full Replies: To send a full reply to an item:

    1. Click Reply or Reply All in the Preview Pane.


      Double-click the item.

    2. Write your response to the item.

      The compose view of the original message determines which view you use for your response.

    3. Click Send.

  • Reply to Embedded Items: If you receive an email that has one or more embedded items (attached emails), you can reply directly to an embedded item by selecting it in the Attachments drop-down list before you reply to the email. Once the attached item is selected, the From, To, and Subject lines change to the attached email.

    This feature works in the Preview Pane, for quick replies, and in an open message window that has one or more embedded items.

    NOTE:The top item in the Attachments list is always the received item, not an embedded item. If you already selected an attachment, you can revert to the received item for an unsent reply by changing your selection to the first item in the list.