13.3 Retracting Original Items When Resending

You can retract phone and mail items when resending them. The original items are only retracted from recipients’ mailboxes who have not read the items. Unread mail messages are replaced by the new message, but Read mail messages are not retracted and those recipients mailboxes will include both the original and resent message.

To retract an original mail or phone message from recipients who have not read it:

  1. Select the sent mail item in the Sent Item folder or, if you are also a recipient of the message, you can select it in the Mailbox folder.

  2. Choose Resend from the ellipsis drop-down menu on the toolbar.

  3. Make any desired changes in the message body, Addressee or Subject lines, and attachments.

  4. Ensure the Retract original item? slider switch is enabled, and click Send.