17.1 Scheduling an Appointment

You schedule appointments using the Compose button. If you have the Calendar in view, clicking the Compose button defaults to opening a New Appointment window. If you have the Mailbox page in view, you need to mouse-over the Compose button to display the drop-down options and then select Appointment.

To schedule an appointment:

  1. Mouse-over the Compose button and select Appointment. Your address name will automatically populate in the To field.

  2. If the appointment is for multiple people such as a meeting, add other GroupWise users in the applicable fields (To, Cc, Bc). As you begin to type a name, the GroupWise Address book will filter addresses based on the entered string (partial or full).

  3. Specify the details of the appointment and add click next to the start date to check if users are busy. Busy Search will change the icon to if one or more users are not available.

    If any recipients are not available, click to open the Busy Search results where you can see who is busy and also view and select a time that does not conflict.

  4. When you have filled out the appointment, click Send.