17.4 Sending Notes

Notes can have multiple uses, but are generally used to display on recipients calendars as reminders of events or out-of-office days of the sender. Notes do not impact Busy time on the recipients’ (or senders’) calendars, like an appointment would.

To create and send a new note:

  1. Mouse-over the Compose button and select Note.

  2. Enter one or more note recipients in the applicable fields (To, Cc, Bc).

    NOTE:You can click the person icon to hide the recipient fields if you want the note to only go on your calendar when you post it.

  3. Specify the other details of the note as desired. A note Subject is the minimum required.

  4. Click Send if you have one or more recipients, or otherwise click Post.

Notes are only shown at the top of the Calendar grid when the Day or Week views are in focus, so as not to block out appointment times. They also show as a bulleted item.