5.2 Undeleting Items and Emptying Trash

When you delete items in GroupWise Web, those items are removed from their respective folders and are added to the Trash folder. Items emptied from Trash are permanently deleted from GroupWise Web. You can also undelete items from Trash to restore them to their original folders.

NOTE:There may also be a setting enabled that automatically purges items from the Trash folder that exceed a set duration in days. Check with your GroupWise Administrator for more information.

The methods for undeleting or emptying items from Trash are described below:


You can execute an Undelete from the Trash to restore one or more items that you select in the Trash list via the toolbar option or the right-click option.

Empty Trash

To empty all items from the Trash, right-click the Trash folder and click Empty Trash.

Empty Selected Items

To empty specific items from the Trash, select one or more items in the Trash list and either right-click the items and select Empty Selected Items or select Empty Item from the ellipsis menu on the toolbar.