3.1 Viewing Your Calendar

  1. In the Quick Access Bar located at the bottom of the screen, tap Calendar.

    Your appointments, tasks, and notes are organized according to their assigned dates. Unaccepted items are displayed in italics.

    The icons that appear next to the items give you information about the status of the items. For more information, see Identifying the Icons Appearing Next to Items.

  2. Do any of the following to navigate and use the Calendar:

    • Tap an item to view its contents.

    • Tap to refresh the Calendar items.

    • Tap to create a new appointment, task, or note.

    • Tap to select the calendars to display. In addition to the main GroupWise Calendar, you can display any of your personal or shared calendars.

    • Tap to select the Calendar items (appointments, tasks, and notes) to display.

    • Tap to change to the Day view, to change to the Week view, or to change to the Month view.

    • Tap the two arrows surrounding the date period to display the previous and next periods.

    • Tap the date to display a calendar where you can select a specific date you want to go to.

    • Tap to reset the view to the current day.