F.8 Delegate/Proxy Account Access

In GroupWise, Delegate access is known as Proxy access. Proxy lets you perform various actions, such as reading, accepting, and declining items on behalf of another user, within the restrictions the other user sets.

Granting Proxy Rights to Another User

To grant proxy rights to another user:.

  1. In the main GroupWise Window, click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Security, and then click the Proxy Access tab.

  3. To add a user to the list, type the name in the Name field, and then when the full name appears, click Add User.

  4. Click a user in the Access List.

  5. Select the rights you want to give the user.

  6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 to assign rights to each user in the Access List.

  7. To delete a user from the Access List, click the user, and then click Remove User.

  8. Click OK.

Proxying into Another User’s Mailbox

To proxy into another user’s mailbox:

  1. In the Main Window or Calendar, click File > Proxy.


    Click the Mode Selector icon, and then click Proxy.

  2. Select a User from your proxy list.


    Add a user to your proxy list by entering the name in the Name field, and then click OK.

    The user’s Mailbox is opened. The name of the person for whom you are acting as proxy is displayed at the top of the Folder List

    If the user has not yet given you proxy rights in his or her Access List, the user’s name is added to the Proxy List, but the user’s Mailbox is not opened.

For more information, see Mailbox and Calendar Access for Proxy Users.