73.4 Setting Caching Properties

You can set properties that determine how your caching mailbox functions.

  1. In Caching mode, click Accounts > Account Options > Properties > Advanced.

  2. Ensure that the IP address and port are correct.

  3. To change the password, click Online Mailbox password, type the old password, type the new password twice, and then click OK.

  4. Select whether to get only the subject line, get the contents of mail messages regardless of size, or to get the contents of any messages smaller than the sizes you specify.

    This option helps you limit the size of messages you retrieve from your mailbox. Limiting the size of messages speeds download times and preserves space; however, you might not get the complete message.

  5. Select whether to synchronize options between the caching mailbox and your online mailbox.

  6. Specify whether (and when) to refresh your address books and rules.

  7. Click OK.