73.2 Setting Up Your Caching Mailbox

Setting up a Caching Mailbox requires enough disk space (either on your local hard drive or another network drive) to store all the data in your mailbox.

  1. Ensure that GroupWise is installed on the computer where you want to set up your Caching Mailbox.

  2. Click File > Mode > Caching.


    Click Caching on the drop-down list above the Folder List.

  3. Type the path for your Caching Mailbox, and then click OK.

    GroupWise automatically updates the Caching Mailbox with an image of the Online Mailbox. The initial update or “priming” should not be interrupted until it is complete. You are prompted to restart GroupWise to change to the Caching Mode.

    After the Caching Mailbox is primed, you might want to run GroupWise in Caching Mode without changing modes from Online to Caching.

    GroupWise automatically starts in the mode that it was last in.