28.2 Setting an Alarm on a Calendar Item

Notify must be running in order for an alarm to sound. See Starting Notify When GroupWise Starts for more information.

  1. In your Mailbox or Calendar, double-click an appointment.

  2. Click Actions > Alarm.

  3. Specify the amount of time before the appointment that you want the alarm to sound.

  4. (Optional) If desired, you can navigate to and select an executable file to launch when the alarm is triggered via the Program to launch when alarm goes off option.

  5. Click Set.

NOTE:The Alarm dialog box defaults to the tab for the item you select, whether an appointment or a Travel Before or Travel After item, which you can also set alarms for. This feature is also dynamic, so tabs only display for what is shown on the calendar. For example, if an appointment has both Before and After travel time configured, all three tabs will be shown, with the tab in focus for whichever item of the three that you open.

If Alarm is dimmed, ensure that the appointment time has not already passed.

To remove an alarm that has been set for an appointment:

  1. Click the appointment.

  2. Click Actions > Alarm.

  3. Click Clear.