25.4 Sending a Calendar

When you send a calendar, the calendar is sent as an Internet Calendar attachment to an email message. Internet Calendar attachments have the file extension of .ics.

  1. Right-click the calendar to export, and then click Send.

  2. Select the time period.

    Select Entire calendar to send your entire calendar.


    Select Previous to send part of your calendar. If you select Previous, you must specify a range of days to send.

  3. Select the level of detail:

    Busy Time Only: Sends only the busy information for the calendar, and no information about the calendar items.

    Busy Time and Subject: Sends the busy information as well as the subject of the appointment.

    Full Details: Sends the busy time and all the information associated with your calendar items.

  4. Select Include Private Items to include private items.

  5. Select Include Attachments to include attachments.

  6. Click OK.

    A new email message is generated with a .ics attachment.

  7. Specify who you want to send the message to, and then click Send.