35.1 Printing Your Main Calendar

To print your main calendar:

  1. Click File > Print > Print Calendar.

  2. Click a calendar format in the Format group box.

  3. Click a paper size in the Form size group box.

  4. Click a calendar view under Available forms.

  5. Click Portrait or Landscape.

  6. Click the Content tab, type a starting date, and then read and select other options.

  7. (Optional) Modify the font by clicking the Font button and selecting your desired font type, style, and size.

  8. Click the Options tab, and then read and select other options.

  9. Click the Preview button to see how the page layout looks with the selected options. If necessary, change the options.

  10. Click Print.

If you have created personal calendars, personal items are included with the main Calendar items by default.