29.2 Posting a Calendar Entry to a Shared Calendar

To post a calendar entry to a shared calendar:

  1. In the shared calendar, open a view with an Appointments List, click a date, and then double-click a time in the Appointments List.

  2. (Optional) Type a subject and a place if necessary.

  3. Specify the start date.


    Click Date icon to specify a date or auto-date for your appointment. To create a recurring appointment, see Scheduling Recurring Items.


    Select All Day Event for an all day event.

  4. Specify a start time and duration. Duration can be in minutes, hours, or days.

  5. Specify how you want the appointment to appear. Appointments can appear as Free, Tentative, Busy, or Out of Office.

  6. (Optional) Type a message.

    You can specify many options, such as making the appointment a high priority, requesting a reply from recipients, and more, by clicking the Send Options tab.

  7. (Optional) To specify a Show Appointment As type, click Actions > Show Appointment As, and then click a type.

  8. Click Post on the toolbar.