24.1 Customizing Your Calendar Views When Viewing a Calendar

The Calendar has several view options. The view that is displayed when you exit your Calendar displays when you open the Calendar folder again.

In the Nav Bar, click Calendar, and then click the buttons on the Calendar toolbar to choose different views.

You can view the Calendar in various formats, including week, month, and year. To see another view, click a different button on the Calendar toolbar.

You can right-click any day in the Calendar to get more options. For example, you can see any day in an expanded view that displays in a separate window. You can also switch between Graphic Display and Text Display.

Fonts cannot be changed or modified in the calendar view. However, the text inside the appointment can be modified to other fonts, styles, and sizes.

If you want, you can close your folder list to leave more room for other views in the Main Window. Click View > Folders List to open or close the Folder List display.