24.2 Switching Appointment Display Options

Calendars have three different appointment display options that you can choose from when right-clicking a calendar in the view pane. These include Graphic Display, Text Display, and Summary Display.

All three options are listed in the first-level context menu when the Graphic Display or Text Display are in view. If you are in the Summary Display view, each option is nested in the Appointment Display options. For example:

Right-click in the Summary Display view and select Appointment Display > Graphic or Text.

IMPORTANT:If your device is using a screen reader, the calendar will automatically use the Summary Display for ease of use. However, if you manually change the option to Graphic Display with a screen reader running, the auto-configuration will be disabled and the next session will open to the Graphic Display. This behavior is independent for each login/user on a device as well as for each different calendar window that is opened for that user. For example, Day, Week, Month, and separate calendar options from the toolbar.