24.6 Navigating in the Calendar

Use the Calendar toolbar to navigate in your calendar.

Figure 24-1 Calendar Toolbar

Table 24-1 Calendar Toolbar Button Descriptions



Date chooser in Calendar

Select a date to view.

Go to today icon

Return to today’s date.

Move forward or backward days, weeks, months, or years icon

Move forward or back one day, one week, one month, or one year, depending upon what the calendar display is set to.

Day view icon

See a day view.

Week view icon

See a week view.

Month view icon

See a month view.

Year view icon

See a year view.

Multi-User Columns view icon

See a column view of your Multi-User Calendar.

Show appointments icon

Show or hide appointments (on views where this applies).

Show tasks icon

Show or hide tasks (on views where this applies).

Show reminder notes icon

Show or hide reminder notes (on views where this applies).

Show another day icon

Adds another day in the week view.

Remove a day icon

Remove a day from the week view.

Use the month navigation to navigate to a different day when the Day or Week view is selected in the Calendar toolbar.

Figure 24-2 Month Navigation