24.7 Displaying Two Time Zones in the Calendar

You can display two different time zones in the calendar. In addition, you can quickly switch between the two time zones. This is helpful when you frequently travel between time zones, or when you need to schedule meetings across time zones.

  1. Right-click in your Calendar, and select Additional Time Zone.

  2. Select Display Additional Time Zone.

  3. Type a label for the additional time zone, such as London.

  4. Select the time zone from the additional Time zone drop-down list.

  5. Type a label for your workstation time zone.

  6. Select the time zone where your workstation is located from the workstation time zone drop-down list.

  7. Click OK.

To swap the two time zones, click Swap in the Additional Time Zone window. By clicking Swap, you are also changing your machine’s time zone.