A.2 GroupWise 18.0.1

The following new features and enhancement changes were made in GroupWise 18.0.1:

  • Conversation Threading Enhancements: The following enhancements were made to Conversation Threading:

    • When replying in line to a conversation, you can select to copy the parent message or the original message as part of the reply.

    • Inactive items won’t be marked as read.

  • TeamWorks Integration Enhancements: The following enhancements were made to the TeamWorks Integration:

    • You can now search for TeamWorks rooms.

    • You can create a new TeamWorks room.

    • You can Favorite/Unfavorite a TeamWorks room.

    For more information, see Using TeamWorks in the GroupWise Client in the GroupWise 18 Interoperability Guide.

  • Shared Folder Reply Button: The reply buttons text has been changed to reflect what happens when you reply in a shared folder. Reply has been changed to Post Reply which posts a message to the shared item. Reply All has been changed to Reply Privately which replies to the users outside the shared folder.

  • Caching Mode Change: Caching mode has been changed to better manage online storage items. The Mailbox Storage now only shows online items that you can delete instead of local only items.

  • Drag and Drop Enhancements: Attachments can now be dragged and dropped in more ways and locations:

    • The Attachment drop down now lets you drag and drop items.

    • You can drag and drop attachments and items to an in line reply.

    • Encapsulated items and files can be dragged and dropped at the same time.