A.7 GroupWise 18.3.1

The following new features and enhancement changes were made in GroupWise 18.3.1:

  • Filr Integration includes support for Advanced Authentication in Filr: If your Filr system is set up with Advanced Authentication, users are prompted to authenticate using Advanced Authentication when they log in to Filr through GroupWise.

  • Time Zone for Appointments Enhanced: When you select a time zone while selecting an appointment time, the appointment is scheduled at the time you set in the selected time zone.

    For example, if you schedule an appointment at 4:30 PM Eastern Daylight time in the United States and you are in the Pacific Daylight time zone, it shows up on your calendar at 1:30 PM PDT. The time zone is now also displayed in the appointment header next to the start time:

  • Filr/Vibe Accounts now listed under Accounts: In Accounts > Account Options, Filr and Vibe accounts are now listed. If you open one of them, you can manage the username and password for the account.

  • Mail Merge no longer requires the To field: Previously, Mail Merge required a To field to send the email. You no longer need to have a To field, but can just use CC or BCC.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out have been added: You can now use CTRL+ and CTRL- to zoom in and out of open items.

  • Text replaces icons for Next Unread and Previous Unread in Conversation Threading: The up and down icons have been removed from conversation threading and have been replaced with text: Next Unread and Previous Unread.