49.1 Printing Labels

To print labels:

  1. In the Main Window, click Address Book toolbar icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click the address book that contains the entries you want to print.

  3. Ctrl-click or Shift-click to select individual entries.


    Make no selections if you want to print the entire address book.

  4. Click File > Print.

  5. If prompted, click Selected items.


    Click Entire address book.

  6. Ensure that the Form tab is selected.

  7. Ensure that Labels is selected in the Format group box.

  8. To print all the address book information for each entry, ensure that Mailing Address is selected in the Available forms list box.


    To print only some of the address book information for each entry, click Selected Fields in the Available forms list box. Click the Content tab, deselect the fields you don’t want to print, and then click the Form tab.

    You can only print information that has been entered in the address book fields. If there is no information for a particular field, nothing is printed for that field.

  9. Click a paper size in the Form size group box.

  10. Click Portrait or Landscape in the Form orientation group box.

  11. Click the Content tab.

  12. Specify the number of rows and columns you want.

  13. Click Font, make selections, and then click OK.

  14. Click the Options tab, and then make selections.

  15. Click Preview to see how the labels will look.

  16. Click Print.