47.9 Sharing an Address Book with Another User

Shared address books are marked with a Shared address book icon icon. This icon might be slightly different, depending on whether or not you created the address book.

You can share personal address books with other users. You can give users read-only rights, or you can give them rights to read, add, edit, and delete information in the address book. When you share an address book, the users receive a notification that they can accept or decline.

GroupWise places no limit on the number of recipients with whom an address book can be shared. Similarly, there are also no GroupWise limitations on the number of entries that can be contained within a Shared Address book.

NOTE:Because system performance depends on the hardware being used to run GroupWise, sharing an address book with many users or having an extremely large amount of entries within a Shared Address book can cause performance issues.

  1. In the Main Window, click Address Book toolbar icon on the toolbar.

  2. Right-click the address book you want to share, and then click Sharing.

    If the address book is not visible, you can open it by clicking File > Open Book.

  3. Click Shared with.

  4. Type the name of the person you want to share the address book with, and then click Add User to add the user to the Share list.

    If you do not know the name of the person, click Address Book icon, and then search for and select the user.

    You cannot share address books across external domains.

  5. Click each user’s name in the Share list, and then assign him or her access rights in the Access group box.

  6. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.


    Click Apply to apply your changes and keep the dialog box open.

    When you click OK or Apply, the person you are sharing the address book with receives a notification. The Status column displays as Pending until the user accepts or declines the shared address book request; and then the column is updated to reflect the user’s selection.

    In the Address Book list, shared address books are marked with the Shared address book icon icon.

    You and the users you share an address book with can arrange your address book columns differently.