47.13 Viewing Contacts, Groups, Organizations, or Resources in an Address Book

Use the predefined filters in the Entry Filter to display only groups, users, organizations, or resources in an address book.

By default, address books display all entries. Although all groups, organizations, and resources are marked by icons, finding specific entries in large address books can be a challenge. Using a predefined filter displays only the type of entry you are looking for.

There is one predefined filter that applies only to the Frequent Contacts address book: Filter for at Least X References. You can use it to filter all entries with at least the number of references you specify.

To view groups, organizations, or resources in an address book:

  1. In the Main Window, click Address Book toolbar icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click an address book.

  3. Click View, and then click the filter you want to sort by.

  4. To return to the non-filtered address book view, click View > Filter Off.

To filter for contacts, groups, and resources:

  1. In the Address Selector, click a predefined filter from the Filter icon drop-down list to filter for contacts, groups, and resources.

    The following icons identify contacts, resources, resource pools, groups, and organizations in address books:

    Contacts icon


    Resource icon


    Resource icon

    Resource Pools

    Group icon


    Organization icon