20.3 Saving Received Email to Disk or a GroupWise Library

Saved items remain in your Mailbox and Calendar as well as being copied to the location you specify. Items saved to disk can be saved as a text file, rich text file, pdf, or Internet mail. Attachments are saved in their original format.

  1. In your Mailbox or Calendar, click the item you want to save, and then click File > Save As.

  2. Ctrl+click the item and attachments you want to save.

  3. Select to save the item to disk or to a GroupWise Library.

  4. In the Filename field, type a file name for the item.


    In the Subject field, type a subject name.

  5. To save the item in a different location than is currently shown, browse to the desired location.


    To save the item in a different GroupWise Library, click the drop-down list, and then select a library name.

  6. If you are saving to a GroupWise Library, ensure that Set properties using default values is selected, unless you want to specify document properties at this time.

  7. Click Save, and then click Close.

20.3.1 Dragging and Dropping Emails

You can drag and drop an item from within GroupWise to the location where you want to save the file. For example, you could drag and drop a message into a project folder on your Windows desktop or another email client.

Files that you drag and drop are saved in one of two formats: a shortcut to the original message in .gwi format or a copy of the original message in .eml format.

To change the format:

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Environment, and then click the Default Actions tab.

  3. Under Drag message to desktop select Create a shortcut (.gwi) or Create a copy (.eml) or Create a pdf file (.pdf).