17.7 Using Alternate From Addresses

If your company has multiple email addresses assigned to you (ie bob@acme.com and bob@acme2.com), you can set up GroupWise to send from either of these email addresses including having a different signature for each email address. You can manage your alternate addresses by clicking From while composing a message and selecting Alternate Addresses or by going to Tools > Options > Environment > Signatures > Alternate Addresses. While there, you can enabled or disable addresses and select the signatures that are associated with each address.

With this feature, the following changes have been made to receiving and sending messages:

  • Internal replies to other users in your system will use the selected alternate address instead of using the preferred/default email address.

  • Inbound email addresses will be used instead of reverting to the preferred/default email address.

  • Replies auto-recognize alternative addresses and default to using the signatures for that alternative address.

To use a alternative from address in a message:

  1. While composing a message, click From.

  2. In the drop down that appears, select the alternate address you wish to use. Your default address is indicated by the * next to it.

  3. Continue composing your message.