18.5 Editing Sent Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes

You can edit appointments, tasks, and reminder notes. To edit mail messages, resend the message as described in Resending Email.

When an appointment, task, or reminder note is edited, the changes simply appear on the item with no message appearing in users’ mailboxes. The edited item is displayed as bold and a notification banner is displayed inside the item, indicating which sections of the item were edited.

Users are prompted to re-accept the item in the following circumstances:

Appointments: If changes are made to the date, time, or place of the appointment. New recipients who are added to the appointment must also accept. Users who are removed from the appointment receive a notification.

Tasks: If changes are made to the start date, due date, or message description.

Reminder Notes: If changes are made to the date.

To edit an appointment, task, or reminder note:

  1. In the Sent Items folder or the Calendar, right-click the appointment, task, or reminder note that you want to edit, and then click Edit.

    If you are editing just one item in a series of recurring items, select the item on the day you want to edit.

  2. If the original item was a recurring item, click This Instance, All Instances, or This Instance Forward.

  3. Make your changes, and then click Send on the toolbar.

    You are not prompted to retract the item when you edit it.