22.5 Preventing Email from a User or Internet Domain from Being Junked or Blocked

To prevent email from being junked or blocked:

  1. Click Tools > Junk Mail Handling.

  2. Click the Trust List tab.

  3. Click New, type an email address or Internet domain, and then click OK.

    An address or Internet domain can be in uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case. For example, amy@example.com and AMY@EXAMPLE.COM are both the same.

    You cannot use wildcard characters such as * or ? in an Internet domain name. However, an Internet domain such as example.com affects all email from example.com and any subdomains that prefix this Internet domain, such as offers.example.com or members.example.com. A domain of abcexample.com is not affected.

  4. Click OK.

All future items from this email address or Internet domain are not blocked or delivered to the Junk Mail folder, no matter what is specified in the Block List and Junk List.