17.15 Voting

Voting allows a user to send a topic with a list of responses to other users, who can then select a response. A summary email is then sent to all of the participants on which all of the voting results are displayed. The results are found on the pull-down menu in the header or on the Properties page of the summary email. The sender can select from pre-formed responses or can create a semi-colon delimited list of responses that they can send to the recipients. Voting results can be private or public so that either only the sender can see the results or all recipients can see the results.

  1. In the Options slide-out on the Compose view, select Voting Options.

  2. Select Enable Voting.

  3. In the Options drop-down list, select from the list of pre-formed responses or enter your own responses separated by a semi-colon.

  4. (Optional) Set the Voting Results Visibility to All recipients or Sender only depending on if you want the results public or private.

  5. In the To field, type a user name, and then press Enter. Repeat for additional users.


    To select user names from a list, click Address on the toolbar, double-click each user, and then click OK.

  6. Type a subject.

  7. Type a message.

  8. Click Send on the toolbar.