53.1 Using Find

To use the Find tool:

  1. Click Find in the toolbar.


    In the Filter drop down, select in Mailbox.

  2. In the Find pop out, specify what you are looking for and click Find.

    If you can’t find the options you are looking for, select More Options to use the old Find dialog.

The Find results are displayed in a new tab in the client which can be toggled at the bottom left of the client. In the Find Result tab, you can filter the Find results further to more easily find what you are looking for. You can also save and access saved finds.

Below are some tips while using Find:

  • In the first field of the Find dialog box, type the uncommon words you notice in the item. If you search using common words, the results of your search are probably too large to be very helpful.

  • To increase the speed of your search, deselect the folders and libraries you know do not contain the item you are looking for. For example, if you know your document is not in Library C, click the plus (+) sign next to All Libraries in the Look in box, and then click Library C to deselect it.

  • If you are searching for more than one word or want to search for words in a particular field of an item (such as the Subject field), click Advanced Find to set up your search. The words you type can be combined with operators to further narrow the search.

  • If you cannot find the document or message, check your search criteria for misspelled words. Also check the syntax of your search to ensure that you are telling Find to search for exactly what you want.