11.3 Customizing the Main Toolbar

You can customize each toolbar by adding and deleting buttons, choosing button order, and placing separators between buttons.

  1. To customize the Main toolbar if the toolbar is not displayed, right-click the toolbar, and then click Customize Toolbar.

  2. Click the Show tab.

  3. Click how you want the toolbar to display.

    You can select to show buttons as pictures, pictures with text below them, or pictures with selected text on the right.

  4. Select whether you want a single row of buttons or multiple rows of buttons.

  5. To remove or show the display settings drop-down list, deselect or select the Show display settings drop-down list.

  6. To show the buttons that are most useful for the selected item, select Show item context toolbar.

  7. To show the buttons that are most useful for the selected folder, select Show folder context toolbar.

  8. Click the Customize tab.

  9. To add a button, click a category from the Categories list box, click a button in the Controls box, and then click Add Button.

    Categories are menu titles in the Main Window. The buttons in the Controls box correspond to features found under the menu title. For example, the buttons for the File category are actions under the File menu (opening views, printing, saving, and so on).

  10. To remove a button, drag it off the toolbar.

  11. To change the order of a button on a toolbar, drag it to where you want it to display.

  12. To add space between buttons, drag one button away from the other button.


    To remove space between buttons, drag one button toward another button.

  13. Click OK.

NOTE:Actions such as dragging a button off the toolbar and changing the order of toolbar buttons can only be performed while the Customize Toolbar dialog is open.