14.5 Creating a New Panel

To create a new panel:

  1. Click the panel drop-down arrow, and then click Add Panel.

  2. Click New Panel.

  3. Type the panel name in the Name the new panel field.

  4. Select whether you want the panel to display a folder or web page.

    If you select a folder, click Change Folder to select the folder to display the contents of.


    If you select a web page, type the URL of the web page in the Selected Web page field.

  5. Select a display setting from the Choose display settings drop-down list.

    Calendar: Displays the panel as a graphical calendar.

    Details: Displays the details for items in the panel.

    Discussion Thread: Groups the items in the panel according to threads.

    Tasklist: Displays the panel as a Tasklist.


    Click More Display Settings for additional display settings.

  6. (Optional) Click Filter to add a filter to the panel.

  7. Click OK, and then click Add to display the panel.