8.3 Understanding the Nav Bar

The Nav Bar is located at the top of the GroupWise window. It is designed for quick access to the folders you use the most.

Nav Bar

By default the Nav Bar contains the Home, Mailbox, Calendar, Sent Items, and Contacts folders. However, the Nav Bar is customizable, so you can add the folders you use the most.

8.3.1 Turning the Nav Bar On and Off

To turn the Nav Bar on or off:

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Environment, and then click the Appearance tab.

  3. Select or deselect Display Nav Bar.

GroupWise requires that the Main Menu, the Nav Bar, or both be displayed at all times.

8.3.2 Customizing the Nav Bar

To customize the Nav Bar:

  1. Right-click the Nav Bar, and then click Customize Nav Bar.

  2. Select the folders you want to display on the Nav Bar.

  3. Select a color scheme for the Nav Bar.

  4. Click OK.