2.0 Logging In to GroupWise

When you start GroupWise, you might be prompted to type information such as your password, the TCP/IP address of your post office agent, and so forth. This Startup dialog box changes, depending on the information GroupWise needs to be able to open your Mailbox, and depending on the GroupWise mode that you log in to.

Your GroupWise administrator might restrict the GroupWise modes you can log in to.

  1. Start GroupWise by double-clicking the GroupWise icon on your desktop to display the GroupWise Main Window.

    If you have not specified a password for your Mailbox and GroupWise needs no additional information, you bypass the Startup dialog box and GroupWise opens.

    To force the GroupWise Startup dialog box to display, right-click the GroupWise icon on the desktop, click Properties, and then click the Shortcut tab. In the Target field, after the GroupWise executable, type a space, type /@u-?, and then click OK.

    For information about other startup options, see Startup Options.

  2. If you are prompted for a password, type the password in the Password field.

  3. Click the mode of GroupWise you are logging in to and type additional information as necessary, such as the path to the post office, the TCP/IP address and port of the post office agent, and the path to your Caching or Remote mailbox.

    If you do not know the required information, contact your GroupWise administrator.

  4. Click OK.

  5. (Optional) If you are using Advanced Authentication, use your authentication method to login as well.

    For more information about Advanced Authentication, see Using Advanced Authentication.

For instructions to start GroupWise under specialized circumstances, see Managing Non-Standard Login Requirements.