92.7 Moving Your Archive from One Location to Another

To move your archive from one location to another location in your computer’s file system:

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Double-click Environment, and then click the File Location tab.

  3. In the Archive directory field, specify the location where you want to move your archive.

    If you are moving your archive to a location where a GroupWise archive currently exists or previously existed, do not specify a directory that contains archive files. Archive files are stored in the ofxxxarc directory, which is a directory that GroupWise automatically generates as a subdirectory to the archive directory.

    If you specify the ofxxxarc directory as your GroupWise archive directory, the result is multiple archives, which is a situation that you want to avoid. For information on how to remedy this problem, see Combining Archived Items from Multiple Archives.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. (Conditional) If you have not previously enabled archiving, you are prompted as to whether you want to enable archiving. Click Yes.

  6. (Conditional) If you are moving your archive to a directory that does not already have archive files, you see a message asking if you want to move the contents of your archive to the new location.

  7. Ensure that this is the location where you want to move your archive, and then click Yes.

  8. Click OK.