92.1 Understanding Your Archive

You can view archived items whenever you need to. You can also unarchive any archived item. When you archive an item you have sent, you cannot track the status of that item.

The GroupWise administrator might specify that your items are archived automatically on a regular basis. Automatic archiving occurs every time the GroupWise client is opened. Items are archived from the mailbox the user is currently using. This means if you are in Caching Mode, items are archived from your Caching Mailbox, and if you are in Online Mode, items are archived from your Online Mailbox.

Some items such as appointments might be scheduled to be archived before the actual appointment date. When these items are archived, they are removed from the Sent Items folder but remain on your calendar. This allows you to schedule items far in advance, without worrying about losing them from your calendar.

When you move an item to a folder, it is not archived. Items in all folders are affected by the Cleanup options you specify in Environment Options, and by any archiving or cleanup options your administrator specifies.

Archived items are never deleted unless you manually delete them from your archive.