95.1 Backing Up Your Mailbox

To manually back up your local Mailbox in Remote or Caching mode:

  1. Click Tools > Backup Mailbox.

  2. Specify the location for the backup, if prompted, and then click OK.

To set up an automatic backup:

  1. In Remote or Caching mode, click Tools > Options, and then click double-click Environment.

  2. Click the Backup Options tab, and then select Backup remote mailbox.

  3. Specify the location for the backup. The default location is c:\novell\groupwise\backup.

  4. Specify how often you want to back up your Mailbox.

  5. (Optional) Select Do not prompt before performing backup.

    The backup takes place each time you exit GroupWise. If your mailbox is large, the backup can take some time. You might or might not want to back up your mailbox every time you exit GroupWise.