90.2 Logging In to Your Mailbox from a Shared Workstation

If you use the same workstation for multiple people, it is highly recommended that each user have a separate login for the workstation. When GroupWise saves the display settings for a user, they are saved to the current user’s registry. This allows GroupWise to display the settings for the user who is currently logged in to the workstation, so each user can have a customized view.

When a user finishes using the workstation, he or she should completely log out of the workstation. This allows other users to log in to the system with their own GroupWise settings.

However, there are circumstances when having a different login for each user on the workstation is not a viable option. In these cases, there are some steps you should perform to properly set up GroupWise.

The login screen startup option allows you to specify certain criteria when starting GroupWise.

  1. Right-click the GroupWise icon on the desktop, click Properties, and then click the Shortcut tab.

  2. In the Target field, after the GroupWise executable, type a space, type /@u-?, and then click OK.

  3. Start GroupWise.

  4. Type your user name in the User Name field.

  5. In the Password field, specify your password, and then click OK.