96.4 Analyzing and Fixing Databases

The Analyze/Fix Databases action of GroupWise Mailbox Maintenance can check your mailbox for various types of problems and can repair problems that it detects.

To check and optionally repair your Mailbox:

  1. Click Tools > Repair Mailbox, and then click Yes.

  2. From the Action drop-down list, select Analyze/Fix Databases.

  3. Select from the following Analyze/Fix Databases options as needed:

    Structure: The structure check verifies the structural integrity of the mailbox and reports the amount of space that could be recovered if the mailbox is rebuilt.

    Index Check: If you select Structure, you can also select Index Check. You should perform an index check if you try to open a message and get a read error, or if someone sends you a message that does not appear in your mailbox, even though the sender sees a Delivered status for the message. Depending on the size of your mailbox, an index check can be time-consuming.

    Contents: A contents check verifies references to other items. For example, in your user database, a contents check verifies that all messages listed in your mailbox actually exist in your message database. In your message database, a contents check verifies that all attachments to messages in your mailbox actually exist in the attachment directories. A contents check also ensures that your rules and personal groups are valid.

    Collect Statistics: If you select Contents, you can also collect statistics during the contents check. The statistics include the number of messages and appointments in your mailbox, the amount of space consumed by your mailbox, and so on.

  4. Select Fix Problems to repair your mailbox.

    If you deselect Fix Problems, problems with your mailbox are reported but not fixed.

  5. On the Databases tab, select one or more databases to analyze and optionally fix.

    For information about the databases, see Understanding Mailbox Maintenance.

    On the Logging tab, the Log File field shows that, by default, a file named gwchk32.log is created in the GroupWise client installation directory.

  6. (Optional) Specify a different file name and location.

    You can also select Verbose Logging to record more detailed information during the analyze/fix process.

  7. Click Run to start the Analyze/Fix Database option.

    A progress log displays during the analyze/fix process.

    You can click Stop at any time to stop the analyze/fix process. An error code is displayed, but it simply indicates that the process has been stopped.

    You can click Statistics at any time during the analyze/fix process to add interim statistical information to the log, such as how many problems have been identified and fixed so far in the process.

  8. Click Close, and then click OK when the analyze/fix process is complete.

  9. Click Close to return to your GroupWise Mailbox.