58.7 Configuring Notification about Return Status Messages

To configure notifications for return message status:

  1. Ensure that Notify is running.

  2. Right-click Notify icon in the Windows notification area, and then click Options.

  3. Click the Return Status tab.

  4. Select the type of item that you want to set notifications for.


    Select Use same setting for all types to use the same settings for all types of items.

  5. Select the following options for items when opened, when accepted, when completed, and when deleted:

    1. Select whether you want the Notify pop-up dialog box to display.

    2. Select whether you want to play a sound. If you select to play a sound, click the folder to browse to and select the sound you want Notify to play.

    3. Select whether you want Notify to launch a program when notifying you.

  6. Click OK.