69.0 Understanding Proxy Access

Keep the following in mind when setting up Proxy access to your mailbox:

  • Proxies cannot see the contacts within your Contacts folder at any time.

  • Proxies cannot archive items from your mailbox. This is because the archive directory is typically a local directory that a proxy cannot access.

  • After a proxy user opens a mail message, the message is displayed as having been opened to both the proxy user and the mailbox owner. If a mailbox owner wants messages that have been opened by a proxy user to be displayed as not having been read, the mailbox owner can ask the proxy user to mark items as Unread after the proxy user has viewed a message. There is no way for a mailbox owner to know if a proxy user has read a message.

  • Appointments scheduled by proxy users are not automatically accepted in the mailbox owner’s calender. This enables the mailbox owner to review any appointments sent by proxies before choosing whether to accept or decline them.