51.1 Using the Filter as a Quick-Finder

You access the Filter in the top-right corner of the viewing pane when you have a folder selected in GroupWise. This shifts to the left if you have the QuickViewer opened. Folders include Mailbox, Calendar, Sent Items, Contacts, and personal folders. If you click to the right of the pull-down menu arrow, you can enter text to filter the content shown in the folder that you are currently viewing. Content includes any readable text associated with a message or appointment, including addressees, message bodies, Subject lines, attachments, and Calendar entries.

Items in the folder will start filtering as soon as you pause typing after entering a search string, which can include partial words, whole words, and multiple words. If you are filtering in a message folder, only messages that have the text entered will be shown in viewing pane. If you are filtering in the Calendar folder, only calendar items that have entered text will be shown for the time period you have selected (For example, Month, Day, or Week).

Text entered in the Filter will show as bold text in the filtered results. You will also know the entry is filtered when the Folder title at the top of the viewing pane adds “(Filtered)” to the title. For example, Mailbox (Filtered) or Calendar (Filtered).