64.1 Creating a Basic Rule

To create a basic rule:

  1. Click Tools > Rules, and then click New.

  2. Type a name in the Rule name field.

  3. Click the When event is pop-up list, and then click an event to trigger the rule.

  4. If you clicked New Item, Startup, Exit, or User Activated, click one or more sources for the item. For example, click Received and Personal.


    If you clicked Filed Item, Open Folder, or Close Folder, click the folder icon, click a folder, and then click OK to display the folder name.

  5. Click one or more types of items you want the rule to act on in the Item Types list.

    If you want to further restrict the items affected by the rule, click Define Conditions, click the appropriate options, and then click OK.

    For more information, see Selecting Fields in Advanced Finds and Rules.

  6. Click Add Action, and then click the action you want the rule to perform.

    Some actions such as Move to Folder and Reply require you to fill in additional information.

  7. Click Save.

For a rule to function, it must be enabled. See Enabling or Disabling a Rule.