42.2 Creating a Tasklist in a Folder Other Than the Tasklist Folder

You can create a Tasklist area in another folder and drag items to that area. After items are in a Tasklist area of any folder, they also display in the master Tasklist folder, even though they are still located in the original folder.

  1. Click a folder.

  2. Click View > Display Settings > As Tasklist.

    The top of the item list for this folder now displays Drag items here to add them to the Tasklist.

  3. Select one or more items and drag them to this area of the item list for this folder.

    The items now display with a check box on the left.

  4. To rearrange the items, drag them to their new positions.

  5. To show only the items that are part of the Tasklist in this folder, click an item in the folder, and then click Actions > Tasklist Actions > Hide Items Not in Tasklist.

    Repeat this step to show all items in the folder.

Any items you add to the Tasklist area of a folder also display as part of the master Tasklist in the Tasklist folder.

If you perform a sort on this folder, only the non-Tasklist items are sorted.