38.0 Understanding Quick Tasks/Follow-up Flags

In the GroupWise client, a quick task/follow-up flag option is available to the left of an item icon. This allows you to click the flag icon and “flag” an item to signify that you want to follow-up on it. This option is not available for discussion threads, proposed appointment lists, or the summary calendar. When the item is flagged, it also appears in the Tasklist folder. When you click the flag icon, it cycles through the following states:

  • Flagged

  • Completed

  • Unflag

If you are running GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 or later, and your mobile device supports flagging, the flag state will sync to your device. Because some mobile devices only support the flagged and unflagged states, when an item is marked as completed on these devices, it shows as if the flag is cleared; however, it shows as completed in the GroupWise client and other devices that support all three flag states.

In the GroupWise client, you can use Ctrl+t to toggle between the three flagged states. If you right click the flag, you can perform the following actions: