39.0 Understanding the Tasklist Folder

The Tasklist folder is a system folder that is used to keep track of GroupWise tasks and other items that require action. Think of it as a master list of all your tasks.

When you post or accept a task, it automatically appears in the Tasklist folder. In addition, any item type (mail, appointment, task, reminder note, phone message) can be placed in the Tasklist folder. For example, you can place an email in the Tasklist folder to remind yourself that you need to act on it.

Items in the Tasklist folder do not always appear on the Calendar. Only items with a due date appear on the Calendar. If you want an item in the Tasklist folder to appear on your Calendar, you must assign that item a due date, as explained in Assigning a Due Date and Time to a Tasklist Item.

After you have placed an item in the Tasklist folder, you can do the following:

IMPORTANT:If you or your GroupWise administrator has set up auto-archiving of items in your Mailbox, Tasklist items are also archived based on the original date you received the item, rather than on the due date.