1.5 Directory Independence for Your GroupWise System

Versions of GroupWise before GroupWise 2014 were dependent on Micro Focus eDirectory for the storage of object data. GroupWise 18 can store all its object data internally (using no external directory service), or it can be configured to integrate with Micro Focus eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory, or any other LDAP directory service.

When you initially install GroupWise 18, it is not configured to integrate with any directory service. When you update from an earlier version of GroupWise, you can configure GroupWise 18 to continue to integrate with eDirectory, or you can configure it differently as needed.

Although GroupWise can be configured to not use a directory service, directory services have advantages:

  • User information such as login credentials can be accessed by GroupWise as well as by other user applications across your network.

  • Administrative roles can be defined so that GroupWise administrators can be authorized to perform various subsets of administrative tasks.

If you choose to use a directory service with GroupWise, object data can be synchronized from the directory service to GroupWise as needed. Synchronization from GroupWise to the directory service is not yet available in GroupWise 18.