A.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the GroupWise C3PO documentation:

Release Date


November 2012

Reviewed and updated for use with GroupWise 2012.

December 2011

Added C3POServer2.

Added CalledPhoneNumber.

Added CalledPhoneNumbers.

Added the CallDescription and CalledPhoneNumbers properties and the PresenceUpdated method to ClientState.

Added GWToolbarItem2.

Added PresenceFactory.

Added Presence2.

Added eGW_CMD_DIAL to C3PO Data Type Related Identifiers.

March 2006

Added navigational links.

October 2005

Transitioned to revised Novell documentation standards.

March 2005

Updated the Standard Files and Creating a .DLL File sections in the Tools chapter.

Added the Preface.

June 2004

Added a note about CommandMessage not being available for new messages to ClientState Implementation (Subclass).

February 2004

Added the GetIcons method to IconFactory.

Added the HighlightedFolder, HTMLEditor, and HTMLViewer properties to ClientState Implementation (Subclass).

Changed the return value from Integer to Long for the Count property of GWMenuItems.

February 2002

Updated most sections.

Added AttachmentControl.

Changed formats of GW.CLIENT values listed in Available Contexts.

Added eGW_CMDID_SEND to WantCommand, BuildCommand, and GWCommand and C3PO Data Type Related Identifiers.

September 2001

Added support for GroupWise 6.x to documentation.

Corrected text from "I want to customize the GroupWise Toolbar" to "I want to customize the GroupWise context menus" in Customizing Context Menus.

Changed the title of Section 4.0, Reference from "Sample Applications. Removed text at the beginning of the chapter that was repeated at the beginning of Sample Applications and created new introductory text.

Made minor format improvements.

Added text alternatives to figures.

June 2001

Made formatting improvements.

Made changes to improve document accessibility.

July 1998

Documentation added to the Novell Developer Kit.