A.0 Revision History

The following table lists changes made to the GroupWise Object API documentation (in reverse chronological order):



November 2012

Reviewed and updated for use with GroupWise 2012.

December 2011

Added PhoneNumber.

Added PhoneNumbers.

Added CellPhoneCarrierConstants

Added PhoneNumberConstants.

March 2009

Added Rules Support for GroupWise 8.0 to documentation.

Made changes to Attachments.

December 2008

Added additional Methods and Remarks for GroupWise 8.0 functionality to Attachments.

Added additional Properties for GroupWise 8.0 functionality to Attachment.

May 2008

Added Appointment Methods.

Added Section 4.32, MessagePropertiesConstants.

Added MessageProperty Property to Appointment, DocumentReference, Mail, Note, PhoneMessage, SharedNotification, and Task.

June 2007

Added section on what to use after importing the type library to Section 2.3, C ++.

Clarified that a NULL object pointer is returned when an exception is thrown for several of the login methods of the Application object.

Added that the AllDay property was added in GroupWise 7.0.1 to the Appointment object.

February 2007

Added the Boolean type to the AllDay property of Appointment.

Added a note about a defect in GroupWise 6.5 and earlier versions preventing document references from appearing in a folder’s Messages collection to the Remarks section of Folder.

Removed a note from the PlainText property of FormattedText.

October 2006

Added a note about needing to be logged in as a Trusted Application to set the backup or retention dates in SOAP for Account.

Added the Signature object and updated the Signatures object.

Added an explanation and example of the AllDay property to Appointment.

Added the Section 5.3.2, AddressBook Keywords section.

Added filter expressions for not read and not opened to Section 5.4.1, UNARY.

Added a closing parenthesis to one of the examples in Section 5.7, Examples of Valid Filter Expressions.

Added filter expression examples for the address book to Section 5.7, Examples of Valid Filter Expressions

June 2006

Added a note about how GroupWise 7.0.1 changed the way Personal or System Groups are added to the Recipients object of any email or appointment.

Removed the note about supporting free threading from Section 1.5, Support and Limitations. It’s best to use Apartment Threading with GroupWise.

March 2006

Added the AccountProperty to Account and the corresponding Section 4.1, AccountPropertiesConstants section.

Updated the description of the Stream property of Attachment.

Changed the MESSAGE CONTAINS example in Section 5.7, Examples of Valid Filter Expressions.

October 2005

Transitioned to revised Novell documentation standards.

Added a section about not using a Visual Basic packager to install Object API (see Section 1.8, Visual Basic).

Updated the description of the Count property of AddressBookEntries.

Added the BuildNumber and VersionRevision properties to Application.

Added the AllDay property to Appointment.

Added the Size property to Appointment, DocumentReference, Mail, Note, PhoneMessage, SharedNotification, and Task.

Added the Stream property and Example section to Attachment.

Added a note about searching only on First name and Last Name in the Find method of AddressBookEntries.

Added a note about the name of the root folder changing for GroupWise 7.0 to the description of the Name property of Folder.

Updated the description of the Delete method in FieldDefinition. Delete will not delete a field definition that is associated with the AddressBook object.

Added a note about Unicode characters to the PlainText property description of FormattedText.

Added the egwEmailAddressTokenAPI value to Section 4.19, EmailAddressFormatConstants.

Removed the AddressBookEntries2 and Folders2 objects.

March 2005

Added AddressBookEntries2 and Folders2.

Added the AccountUID, GetQuickMessagesCollectionExt, and GetSystemAddressBook methods. Also, added the PeekModeFlag and AccountUID properties to Account.

Added the GetQuickMessagesCollectionExt method and the PeekModeFlagConstants to Folder.

Added the ClassName and StartDate properties to QuickMessage.

Added the Archived property to PhoneMessage.

Updated the values of Section 4.37, QuickMessagesCreationConstants.

October 2004

Added the QuickMessage and QuickMessages objects.

Added the GetQuickMessagesCollection to Account and Folder.

Added the following properties:

Added Section 4.37, QuickMessagesCreationConstants and added value 7 egwQuickMessageParent to Section 4.11, CategoryParentObjectTypeConstants.

Moved the Archived and Sharer properties and the LocalDelete method from Message to Appointment, DocumentReference, Mail, Note, SharedNotification, and Task.

Added a note about the Add method creating folders only at the current folder level to Folders.

Fixed minor spacing problem in Revision History entry and added navigational links.

June 2004

Added a note about a memory leak with the Add method of Fields and the Add method of AddressBooks.

Updated the description of the DistinguishedName, LastRetentionDate, and LastBackupDate properties of Account.

Added more details to the description of the EmailType property of Recipient.

Added a note about the FindMessages method of Folder being asynchronous.

Updated the Bowling Shoe Size example in Section 5.3, Keywords.

February 2004

Updated the description of the EMailType property of Recipient.

Added examples of the Add method to Recipients.

December 2003

Added links to downloadable and viewable samples in Section 6.0, Sample Applications.

Added information about the format of the StartDate property to the Remarks section of Appointment.

Updated the samples of TASK_CATEGORY in Parser Numeric Statement.

Added the UsingSSL property to Account, the MapiEntryID property to AddressBookEntry, the MultiLoginAddressBookSupport property to Application, and the CollectionParent proprety to DocumentType.

Removed the MajorVersionNumber and MinorVersionNumber properties from Account.

October 2003

Added documentation for Section 1.7.7, Date Fields.

Updated the description of the MultiLogin method of Application, the Stop method of Query, the Add method of Messages, and the EMailAddresses property of AddressBookEntry.

Updated the Folder object.

Updated the description of the CATEGORY keyword in Available Keywords.

Added LastBackupDate, LastRetentionDate, and PeekMode properties to Account. Added DeliveredDate, Forwarded, and Replied properties to Appointment, DocumentReference, Mail, Note, PhoneMessage, SharedNotification, and Task. Added egwAllowPasswordPrompt to Section 4.29, LoginConstants.

Added three birthday fields to AddressBookEntry.

June 2003

Updated the name of EMailAddresses.

March 2003

Updated the documentation for GroupWise 6.5 features (see additional Section 4.26, FolderTypeConstants).

Added documentation for Categories, Category, CategoryDefinition, CategoryDefinitions, DraftAutoDates, EMailAddress, EMailAddresses, IMAddress, and IMAddresses.

Updated Section 5.0, Filter Expressions.

September 2002

Updated the Preface.

May 2002

Added information about the AddExistingMessage method to Messages.

Updated the SetPassword and SynchronizeToRemote methods in Account. Updated the AddExistingMessage method in Messages.

February 2002

Updated the FindMessage method of Folder.

Restored Archived and Sharer properties as well as the LocalDelete method to Message.

Added the AddExistingMessage method to Messages, as well as constants for this method, Section 4.33, MessageStatusConstants and Section 4.34, MessageSecurityConstants.

Added Section 4.46, SynchronizeConstants.

Corrected example for Basic Expressions.

October 2001

Added two functions to Account: SynchronizeToRemote and SynchronizeWithMaster.

Updated the AddEx function description for AddressBooks.

Removed the Archived and Sharer properties from Message since they never worked properly. Also, for the same reason, removed the LocalDelete method from Message.

September 2001

Added support for GroupWise 6 to documentation.

Added the SetPassword function to Account.

Added a statement to AddressBookEntries that the Add function can be called only when adding an address book entry to a personal address book.

Added a statement to GroupMembers that AddressBookEntry objects must have a valid email address.

Added text alternatives to figures.

June 2001

Added addditional information about the DisplayName property in AddressBookEntry, the Count property in AddressBookEntries, the PathToArchive property in Account, and the Add method in Documents.

Changed the Attachment collection to the Attachments collection in Message.

Removed the ChangeOwner method of Folder since the method is not yet implemented.

Added an explanation of a valid AddressBookEntry to the Item method of FolderRightsCollection.

Added an explanation of filtering on five fields using the GroupWise System AddressBook to Filter Expression Syntax.

Added an explanation of using Windows NT service to the GroupWise SDK: Object API.

Improved document accessibility.

February 2001

Revised documentation for early and late binding using Visual Basic. Added instructions in Visual Basic on how to import a type library. Also, moved task-oriented information to a separate Tasks chapter.

Added a note to GroupWise SDK: Object API about the Client/Cache mode and the offline database.

September 2000

Documented the 32KB limit for message body text.

July 1998

Documentation added to the Novell Developer Kit.