3.6 Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enables you to protect your GroupWise system by adding additional authentication on top of your GroupWise login. GroupWise supports MFA through NetIQ Advanced Authentication that allows you to add different methods of authentication to your GroupWise LDAP password login. Strong MFA is achieved by using two of the following methods of authentication:

  • Something you know such as password, PIN, and security questions.

  • Something you have such as smartcard, token, and mobile phone.

  • Something you are such as biometric (fingerprint or iris).

MFA must be configured in the GroupWise Admin Console for Messenger to use it. The steps to configure MFA and a full list of the methods available to Mobility can be found in Multi-Factor Authentication in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide.

WARNING:The Linux Messenger client does not support reCaptchas, which can be enabled as part of MFA. If you have users using Messenger on Linux, do not enable reCaptchas or it will break the Linux Messenger client and the users will not be able to login.