7.3 Understanding How Multiple Connections Affects Status

Multiple connections can affect how your status is displayed when changing your status and when logging in on a secondary device.

Changing Status

When you are logged in to GroupWise Messenger on multiple devices and you change your status on one device, the change is immediately reflected across all devices.

For example, when you are logged in to Messenger on your desktop and on your mobile phone and you change your Messenger status to Away on your phone, the change is also reflected on your desktop. Therefore, other users see your status as Away. (The one exception to this is when your status is moved to Idle on one device because of inactivity on that device. In this case, your status for other devices where you are active is not moved to Idle.)

Logging In

When logging in to Messenger on a device, Messenger detects whether a status already exists on another device. If a status does exist, that status is used on the device where you are logging in. If a status does not exist, the default status for the device is used.